Teaching Mathematics: What, When and Why

An in-depth examination of mathematics education, topic by topic

  • Mathematics: why, which, how and when

    This is a site dedicated to discussion of the teaching of mathematics: what should be taught, how, to whom, when, and why. All types and levels of mathematics may be considered, although given the interest of the current correspondents, the emphasis will probably fall on school subjects. Given such a wide domain, I intend to… Continue reading

  • A variation on multiple choice questions

    from Terry Mills On constructing mathematical questions. For some time, I have been opposed to the usual multiple choice questions. My reasoning is as follows. If I give the answer (c), then that tells you nothing about my learning. This week, my view has shifted. I like questions like this. Which of the following statements… Continue reading

  • A Delicious Tour of Mathematics

    The wonderful John Stillwell has done it, a 44 minute video that gives a fascinating picture of the vast sweep of mathematics. John is a Melbourne boy made good, but sadly more honoured overseas than here. Continue reading

  • Suggest discussion topics

    Maybe you are teaching a topic for the first time and need guidance. Maybe you are a student who found a particular topic interesting, or difficult, or a waste of time. Maybe you are an old hand at teaching a topic and want to share what you have learned. By replying to this post you… Continue reading

  • How to Introduce Algebra?

    It was February 1957. I still can remember the feeling of panic. Let me back up. My chemical experiments with hydrochloric acid and Vegemite had persuaded my mother that I had a future as a pharmacist. Pharmacists need to read Latin she told me, so when I returned from my first day of school, enrolled… Continue reading